Learn to paddle! Experience the tranquility of travel by kayak or get in a canoe, the classic symbol of Canadian recreation. Either way, the calm waters around Denman and Hornby Islands make an ideal place to safely learn to paddle. Introductory lessons cover basic paddling strokes and safety on the water. More advanced paddlers will benefit from our advanced lessons covering technique improvement and new strokes, as well as practicing rescue techniques. Whatever your ability or fitness level, our experienced instructors will tailor a lesson to your specific needs.

Kayak lessons (2 hrs): Nothing gets you closer to the nature of the West Coast like paddling a kayak. Our kayaks are designed with stability and comfort in mind which makes them easy to learn to paddle. Single kayaks give you more independence and double kayaks foster a feeling of togetherness. The more comfortable you are in a kayak, the more pleasure you will derive from your paddling experiences. 


Adult $80

Teen $60

Child $40 

*Lesson Prices include taxes. The Teen/Child discount applies only with a full price adult.

We offer lessons in: 

  • Advanced Rescues: Practicing rescues is a great way to get to know you and your kayak and to be familiar with falling out of your kayak so that if it occurs in a real-life situation, you are prepared with the skills to rescue yourself or another. You will learn 2 self rescues and 3 two-person rescues. Half wetsuits provided if needed.
  • Strokes and Edging: You will learn a variety of strokes to aid in maneuvering and turning your kayak, including pulling and sculling draws to move your boat through the water sideways, forward and backward sweep strokes, and several different strokes to aid in turns. You will also learn how to put your boat on edge, a crucial skill in maneuvering your kayak.
  • Rolling a Kayak: Our skilled instructors will take you step-by-step through the process of completing a roll, and will be in the water assisting your attempts. Rolling is a difficult skill that is very technique based, and may not be achieved by everyone, especially in their first attempt. We will do our best to help you achieve your roll, or get you to a point where you can continue working on your technique yourself. 


Canoes make a great introduction to the sport of paddling for people of all ages. The openness of a canoe provides easy access and a comfortable vantage point from which to view your surroundings.


Adult $40

Teen $30

Child $20

*Lesson Prices include taxes. the Teen/Child discount applies only with a full price adult.

The Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP) is a unique and very enjoyable way to experience the ocean. It is very versatile; you can enjoy a relaxing sunset paddle, or you can surf the waves if the wind picks up in the afternoon. Our lessons will introduce you to the different techniques and allow you to become comfortable with the SUP.